International Conference on Sustainable Development
13 - 14 February, 2014
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The Conference - Sustainable Development has become a theme for all the sectors of the society who are involved in making this Earth a better place to live. With the evolution of  mankind on the planet there has been a series of changes, inventions, discoveries and  interventions that has made human life easier and comfortable. These developments have on  one side improved the quality of life of the people but on the other side this has led to several  social and environmental challenges. To look out for a path which leads to win-win situation  ‘Sustainable Development’ has been considered as one of the right techniques to cope up  with the developmental challenges.  As per World Commission on Environment and  Development (WCED), “Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of  the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.  There have been several interventions in the area of sustainable development like watershed  development, rural development, urban development, women empowerment, tribal  development, taking special care of differently abled people (disability), social  entrepreneurship, provision of quality health and education facilities etc. The field is very vast and there have been contribution by various stakeholders associated in this area.
The present conference aims at providing a platform to all the stakeholders who are associated with the theme of Sustainable Development to share their success stories and  strategies, limitations and learnings, challenges and future possibilities while engaging  themselves in the domain of Sustainable Development. There have been several initiatives by  the state, civil society (NGOs), international developmental agencies, corporate houses, policy makers, researchers, social scientists, academicians, development professionals etc. Recently the Corporate world has also shown its deep commitment and interest in the area of Sustainable Development. The ICSD-2014 is an opportunity for all the stakeholders to share their valuable intellectual knowledge and provide an opportunity to others
Themes and Sub-Themes

1. Civil Society and Sustainable Development
i. Models of sustainable development by civil society
ii. Challenges & future of sustainable development initiatives by civil society

2. State and Sustainable Development
i. State-developed sustainable development models
ii. Challenges before state in undertaking sustainable development
3. International Developmental Institutions and Sustainable Development
i. Sustainable development and focus of international institutions
ii.Economic crisis, funding and Implementation of sustainable development projects / programmes

4. CSR and Sustainable Development
i. CSR based successful sustainable development initiatives
ii. CSR and challenges in undertaking sustainable development

5. Sustainable Development and Stakeholder Engagement
i. Community based participation and sustainable development
ii. Community led initiatives (tribal, women etc) supported by other stakeholders
Instruction to Authors

· The paper should have an abstract of not more than 200 words and the length of the full paper including tables, diagrams, illustrations and references between 4500 to 5000 words.
· An author can submit only one paper.
· Each paper should comprise of a title page illustrating the title of the paper, the theme and sub theme under which the paper falls.
· The full paper should be in English, typed in MS-Word in Times New Roman, with a font size 12.
· Referencing Style APA 6th Edition
· The spacing for the text should be 1.5.
· All papers should be submitted via email to:
· Papers will be selected for presentation at the conference through a blind review process.
· Confirmation on acceptance of the paper will be communicated to author(s).